Why choose us

Internationally Accredited and Recognized
International Training Massage School and Thai Hand Yoga Center is internationally accredited and recognized. We have given workshops to more than 4,000 people and professional training to over 350 students in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Thailand.

Method of teaching
We use the universal VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) method of teaching. Our students learn through emulation of their teachers’ demonstrations to perform hands-on practice, following their teachers’ movements to ensure correct technique.

Certificates for students
Students who follow International Training Massage School Amsterdam’s courses will receive certificates that are approved and authorised by ITM, internationally recognized and acknowledged by the Ministry of Health and Education of Thailand.

Repeat course for free as many times you like
ITM considers practice a very important aspect of learning Thai Massage and students can therefore repeat the courses as many times as they like without additional costs. Moreover students can take their exam when they think they are ready. ITM only hand out certificates to students who pass the exam.

International Training Massage School and Thai Hand Yoga Center Amsterdam is a traditional health center that offers professional courses, classes, workshops, treatments and retreats. Students receive internationally recognized certifications. ITM Thai Hand is internationally accredited and also located in Berlin and Chiang Mai.