Chi Kung

Robin BerkelmansChi Kung with Robin Berkelmans
Wednesday 7.30 – 8.45 (All levels)
€12,- per lesson / €100,- for a 10-lesson card
For more information:
Phone: 06-21414499


Chi Kung means literally to practice or to refine Chi. The Chinese call our life-energy ‘Chi’. And our life-energy is our vitality: basically the fuel that we daily use. Who wants to refine this fuel, and to create more of it? In the Chi Kung class we practice sensing our body, its meridians and the Chi inside of it. The practice is in sitting, lying and standing postures. In the standing exercises we will perform a series of simple movements. Because of their simplicity we can go deep in the body to develop the qualities of Chi Kung.


The benefits of Chi Kung are wide ranged -  centering, aligning and grounding the body and mind, dissolving the feeling of stress and haste, allowing the natural healing system of the body to flower, experiencing a clear and open focus. These are but a few of the benefits of this work.

Who can join

Everyone can join. Movements are calm, relaxed and, in the beginning, simple – the challenge is to be fully present in these simple things. This will bring the practitioner to a strong, flexibel and full awareness of the process of body and mind. Join now!

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