Freestyle Practice Massage

Freestyle Practice
Tuesday 16.30 – 18.30 (All Levels)
Thursday 16.30 – 18.30 (All Levels)
(Drop in class – no need to reserve in advance!)
€15,- per lesson / €125,- for a 10-lesson card (Students of ITM Thai Hand pay only €10,-  euro per lesson)

Freestyle Practice classes are offered for anyone interested to improve his/her massage skills and to exchange practices of different massage techniques. Like to practice your massage techniques on the matt, chair or table with supervision of a teacher? You will practice and receive a practice!

There is time for you to experience the benefits of a massage yourself, while another student practices on you. This is also an opportunity to try different styles of massage that we teach at ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam. Moreover you have the chance to give each other feedback, very important when you like to become a good therapist, since practice makes perfect.

Who can join
Do you like to improve your massage skills and exchange practices of different styles of masssage? Then Freestyle Practice Massage class is the class you are looking for. Join now!

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This is a ‘drop in’ class. You don’t need to make any reservation, just ‘drop in’ but please arrive on time.

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