Life Balance Thai Yoga Massage Classes

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Thai Yoga Massage Classes

Wednesday 17.00 – 18.30 (All Levels)
Friday 10.00 – 11.30 (All Levels)

Complete beginners are very welcome, so why not join our drop in classes now (there’s no need to book)

€15,- per lesson / €125,- for a 10-lesson card (Students of ITM Thai Hand pay only €10,-  euro per lesson / €75,- for a 10-lesson card) (4 months valid)

Life Balance Thai Yoga Massage Classes are based on the scientific proof that everyone’s health can be improved by receiving at least weekly acupressure along the skeleton muscles and stretches. This class is especially for everyone who likes to enjoy the benefits of traditional Thai massage, but without paying the full amount of a massage treatment, which is for many people too expensive. By following the teacher’s instruction students will improve their blood circulation and therefore their immune system, preventing illnesses. Moreover by acupressure and stretches along the skeleton muscles your muscles that are affected by injuries or hard exercise will recover faster and your muscle tone will become stronger and prevent you from injuries. During class you will receive the traditional therapy for health massage treatment for 45 minutes and give the treatment as well, depending on your medical situation.

Most muscle pain and lack of mobility of the joints is the result of muscles shortening under the influence of repetitive strain. The pressing techniques of Thai massage in these Thai Yoga Massage Classes prepare muscles for stretching. The manipulations are designed to stretch the muscles a little more than would be possible unaided. Even advanced yoga cannot compete with the stretching capabilities of this form of massage. Tension and spasm in a muscle are the result of a vicious circle of events involving the muscle and its sense organs. The more tense the muscle the shorter it gets, and the brain interprets this as contraction, inhibiting the function of the muscles, which weaken as a result. Regular Thai massage stretches the muscles back to their normal resting length, which deceives the brain into ‘thinking’ that all is well and it stops inhibiting the antagonists. Therefore tension disappears and joint mobility is restored. Muscles are the masseur’s ultimate target but fibrotic connective tissue and weak circulation are also treated during the massage. If you like to read more about the benefits, click here.

Who can join
Do you like to improve your immune system, recover more quickly after an injury and prevent your muscles from injuries? If you have any injuries this class will help you to recover better. For a list of injuries that can improve during this class, click here. Anyone can join the classes. Be aware that injuries in acute state cannot be treated directly. The inflammation after the injury must at least be gone. Ready to become healthier? Then Thai Yoga Massage Classes is the class you are looking for. Join now!

Important notes for students

  • Be aware that lessons start on time. Please arrive 15 minutes before starting time, to change and to register. We start on time and the door closes 5 minutes after starting time so everyone can fully enjoy the course, without interruptions.
  • If you can not join on time for a special reason, please explain your situation in advance, so we can study your situation and make adjustments if needed

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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Classes for Health

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