Retreat Chiang Mai – Learning Thai yoga massage – May 2016

Retreat Chiang Mai with ITM Thai Hand AmsterdamRetreat Chiang Mai – Learning Thai yoga massage – May 2016

Join our retreat in Chiang Mai 15 May – 29 May 2016

Learning Level 1 and 2 Nuad Bo Rarn Thai Yoga Massage or Level 3 and 4 Nuad Bo Rarn Thai Yoga Massage (email us for more details)

Chiang Mai is often referred to as the “Rose of the North”. Everyone who has visited Chiang Mai admits that it is certainly a land of beauty that was built on the roots of a traditional heritage that dig deep into the soil of time, and with a distinct cultural personality of its own.

Cultural city
Located more than 700 km northwest of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is situated in the most mountenous area of Thailand, where elephants still work the forest. In relation to the rest of Thailand, Chiang Mai is considered to have a pleasent temperature, with the average of 25.4 degrees Celsius. This northern city is known for its unique cultural personality, with a beautiful old city centre and more than 300 temples. Chiang Mai nowadays has some hip and trendy bars and restaurants, but it still retains a relaxed, peaceful, temple-sprinkled and cultural atmosphere with fantastic handicraft shopping and delicious food. Moreover the city is surrounded by many waterfalls and other striking natural treasures.

Temples and markets
Chiang Mai is the heart of traditional Thai massage, northern style. Besides learning Thai massage, popular activities include: visiting the many temples, meditating with the monks, mountenous trecking to the hilltribe communities, elephant trecking, visiting the waterfalls, rafting, mountain biking, strolling around the many night markets and trying all different tasty foods.

Learn Thai massage:
Level I: Foundation of Thai Massage
Prerequisite: None

  • This course covers Front Position (feet to face)
  • Introduces the concept of energy lines (SEN) and Yin/Yang
  • Teaches stretches, acupressure points, and proper use of body weight using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet
  • Emphasizes deep-focused abdominal (Hara) work
  • Upon completion students will be able to perform an effective 1 – 1½ hour Thai Massage

Level II: Intermediate Thai Massage
Prerequisite: ITM Level I

  • Expands on the techniques learned in Level I to cover the Side, Back (Prone) and Sitting Positions
  • Advanced yoga like stretching movements
  • Upon completion students will have a substantial foundation of  the major positions of Thai Massage and can expect to perform a comprehensive 1½ to 3 hour Thai Massage

What is included:
Transportation from airport to Chiang Mai Accommodation:
Transportation from Chiang Mai Airport to Chiang Mai Accomodation, the area where the retreat will be.

Accommodation for 2 weeks.

Thai yoga massage lessons – Level 1 and level 2 Nuad Bo Rarn:
Two full traditional Thai yoga massage professional courses, level 1 and 2 of Nuad Bo Rarn traditional Thai yoga massage, given by certified teachers from ITM, International Training Massage School, Chiang Mai (northern Thailand).

Upon successful completion of the course (there will be a practical exam), you will receive a certificate approved and authorised by ITM (International Training Massage School of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand), honored as the best Thai massage school of Thailand, acknowledged by the Department of Health and Education of Thailand.

Thai Yoga (Ruet Si Daton):
Morning Thai yoga lessons.

1,490.- euro

Special discounts:
100 euro discount if you have followed Level 1 with ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam
300 euro discount if you have followed Level 1 & 2 with ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam will assist students in buying their flights to Bangkok international airport and Chiang Mai. We will manage the connection to the accommodation and will give you the details on how you can reserve and book.

14 May: Departure Schiphol – Bangkok
15 May: Arrival Bangkok and transport to Chiang Mai
16 – 20 May: Level 1 course Traditional Thai yoga Massage Nuad Bo Rarn
21 & 22 May: Free time to explore Chiang Mai and surroundings
23 – 27 May: Level 2 course Traditional Thai yoga Massage Nuad Bo Rarn
28 May: Free time to explore
29 May: Departure to Chiang Mai and fly back to Schiphol

Of course you can arrive earlier or stay longer in Thailand as you prefer at your own costs.

Limited places available!
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