Why Massage is healthy?

What is traditional Thai (yoga) Massage?
Traditional Thai massage is preventive and therapeutic. It can prevent illnesses, improves the immune system, gives you more energy, diminishes stress and treats amongst others back pain, head ache, stiff shoulders and neck. Traditional Thai massage is a corporal deep exercise that helps to restore our vital energy and re-balances our physical, mental and emotional aspects. This massage is based on acupressure and stretching. The acupressure is given through fingers, hands, feet, elbows and knees and follows the energy lines of the body. Through passive stretching the receiver’s flexibility will increase and the receiver experiences deep relaxation. The massage takes about 1,5 hours, is given on a matt over the clothes.

Benefits of Thai massage
The benefits of traditional Thai massage are wide ranged! It benefits all those who want to preserve a good state of health and a high level of well-being. When it is regularly received the nervous-, respiratory-, circulatory-, digestive- and immune systems will be improved. Thai massage diminishes stress, relaxes tension areas in the whole body and boosts the energy level. Also, it raises self-esteem, helps to digest, attacks insomnia, increases flexibility, releases physical and energetic blockades and harmonises the psychosomatic relation. Moreover, Thai massage treats back pain, head ache, stiff shoulders, stiff neck, RSI and bad blood circulation. For a full list of what traditional Thai massage can treat and prevent, click here!

Scientific Research about the benefits of Traditional Thai massage
There has been done a lot of scientific research about the benefits of Traditional Thai massage. Hereby some facts:

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On what is Thai massage based?
Thai massage is part of the traditional Thai medicine that originated in India in the times of Buddha. The positions and the stretching resemble movements in yoga. Through the intense concentration and sensation in which the massage is being given, both giver and receiver have the feeling they are in a meditative state. The traditional Thai massage has been influenced by the traditional Chinese medicine which uses acupuncture through the energetic points and the pressures in several key zones of the body. It is based on the holistic vision of the human being, to unite body, mind and spirit.

Where did Thai massage originate?
Thai massage was introduced in Thailand by the Buddhist monks who arrived from India during the second and third century B.C. The founder, known as Shivagakomarpaj, was Buddha’s personal doctor. The knowledge of Thai massage, referred to as traditional Thai medicine, was orally transmitted as were Buddha’s religious texts. Only very few written texts about traditional medicine and massage have been found. Traditionally, Thai massage was (and still is) received in Buddhist temples and considered to be a sacred practice. Nowadays it is part of the Thai medicine. Traditional Thai massage is studied in the Universities of Medicine in Thailand and also used in hospitals to decrease the waiting lists.