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Weekend workshops for beginners or advanced masseurs / therapists:
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Traditional Thai Massage Workshops on a Matt:
•    Level I: Thai yoga massage workshop
•    Level II: Thai yoga massage workshop
•    Level III: Thai yoga massage workshop
•    Wat Po workshop – Professional Thai massage for Health
•    Therapeutic workshop for frozen shoulder, headache, pain in back and knee
•    Therapeutic workshop for stiff neck, ankle sprain, achilles tendon stiffness
     and carpal tunnel syndrome
•    Elbow and Knee Deep Acupressure Workshop

Table Massage Workshops:
•    Level 1: Thai Therapy Massage on a Table workshop
•    Level 2: Advanced Thai therapy massage on a table workshop
•    Swedish and Deep Tissue Sports Massage Workshop (with oil)

Chair Massage Workshops:
•    Level 1: Thai Traditional Therapeutic Chair Massage workshop
•    Level 2: Advanced Thai Therapeutic Chair Massage workshop

Foot Reflexology Massage Workshop:
•    Level 1 Thai Foot Reflexology Massage workshop

Thai Abdominal Massage (Chi Nei Tsang) Workshops:
•    Thai Abdominal Massage (Chi Nei Tsang) Workshop

Other Massage Workshops:
•    Charity workshops
•    Workshops on request

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