Wat Po workshop – Professional Thai massage for Health

Wat Po workshop – Professional Thai massage for Health

Learn in 4 hours how to give a Thai massage for Health to improve one’s health impressively
Prerequisites: none
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  • Learn how to give acupressure along the skeleton muscles to improve the health of your family and friends
  • After the workshop you can give a Thai massage for health of about 1 hour
  • This massage is based on the scientific prove that acupressure along the skeleton muscles can improve one’s health impressively
  • The massage improves blood circulation, therefore the immune system, preventing illnesses
  • Muscles that are affected by injuries or hard exercise will recover faster and your muscle tone will become stronger and prevent you from injuries
  • Workshop is based on one of the most recognized protocols of massage for health in Thailand, Wat Po Chetawan School
  • This massage was ordered by King Rama of Thailand to preserve this ancient technique and to treat the royalty. He unified the knowledge of this 2500 year old ancient technique by asking the 19 best masters on traditional Thai massage known in Thailand in the last century to create this protocol of massage for health
  • Price €49,-
  • 4 hours on weekends from 10.00 – 14.00 or 15.00 – 19.00

All teachers from International Training Massage School Amsterdam are internationally qualified and recognized by the Thai government and ITM Chiang Mai Inclusive tea and snacks

Important notes for students

  • Be aware that lessons start on time. Please arrive 15 minutes before starting time, to change and to register. We start on time and the door closes 5 minutes after starting time so everyone can fully enjoy the course, without interruptions.
  • If you can not join on time for a special reason, please explain your situation in advance, so we can study your situation and make adjustments if needed

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Wat Po workshop - Professional Thai massage for Health

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